Why am I here

Why am I here? What is the point of my existence? I suppose this question has crossed the mind of young and old, weak and strong, man and woman for millennia.

We are here to do so many different things. Big things, small things, every single one timed perfectly in the most wonderful choreography ever planned.

You are spirit breathed. That means the very breath of God is in you. A piece of God in your very existence. Your very life is perfectly timed and absolutely special. Whether it’s purpose is saying that one right thing to a random stranger on the subway, helping a fellow student understand, being a friend to someone that needs it, being a mom, brother, father or child.

Think for a moment of all the people who have helped you in your life. Pick your top 3. Those people have made a profound impact on your life. They probably don’t even know it. You have probably had that same impact on others without them knowing it too.

The Brightest Star

I often think about that Diamond inside. Everyone has it. Under all the pressure, laundry, things to do, bills to pay, errands to run, family intricacies, chores, traffic… there it is waiting. Diamonds have patience. They seem to say I will wait for my moment to shine. Come on out Diamond. Let your light be in the world. We need you. Shake off all that dirt and carbon. Let your true light come out and shine. Shine bright like a star. Maybe you are a ruby or an emerald, a sapphire or a beautiful topaz. Whatever you may be shine precious gems with the light breathed into you by creation. Let your love shine with you. Let your children shine.

Shine my Stars

Christmas lights

The wonderful beauty of a botanical garden and the childlike excitement of Christmas lights on a misty evening followed by some hot apple cider just can’t be beat. I have not lost my childhood enthusiasm for Christmas lights. When I see even the smallest display I am that little girl in the back of my parents car staring in wonder at the beauty with sheer joy in my heart and in my face. I hope everyone is able to share that when they see holiday lights. I love that part best. I love everyone of you that decorate. You captivate me with your dance of light every year. I thank you. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Kwanzaa whatever you celebrate may you have a joyful season full of love and family. Hearts full of joy.

Powerful mist

It is hard to match the beauty of the Oregon coast. The mist from this high wave crashed the cheeks 30 feet away. It was a chilly December evening but so beautiful and irresistible. We spent a couple hours enjoying the sunset, waves and Christmas light display at the botanical gardens of Shore Acres State Park. There are many fun events at the gardens in Oregon. I recommend every garden here.

Local Art at the Museum

First Friday at The Albany Regional Museum is always a treat. The museum features artists from Linn county Oregon. It is an opportunity to view local artists and see new exhibits at the museum at the same time.

Our first artist Larry, is an amazing sculpture. His wife makes the costumes for his sculptures. They are intricate and detailed with very expressive faces. The human warmth and quality implies a great deal of understanding about humanity. The characters are so life-like you understand them.

Fishing hole

Any day fishing is a good day. Somehow being near the water just brings you peace. It never seems to matter if you catch a fish or not. Even the frustration of your line drifting back to you doesn’t seem frustrating. Nothing seems to bother you at all. Maybe we should treat everyday like that. Let our cares drift like fishing line and our thoughts be peaceful like a sunny day at the lake.

Stillness of morning

I love the peace and quiet before everyone wakes up in the morning. Sitting drinking coffee in the cool air, watching the sunrise on Sunday morning. The first light brings the gold and red leaves on our oak tree into view. It highlights a beautiful purple red and moss green on a plum tree next to it. The evergreens in the background provide the perfect backdrop with the gray and blue light of this morning. Small birds fly by. I can hear a woodpecker in the distance. It is the perfect quiet space to launch my busy day from.

Browsing Blog Titles

I took a moment to browse some blog titles. I couldn’t help but think what a beautiful mixture of people. What a perfect description of the pleasure and pain that life can be. The triump and struggle. The vibrance and the desolation. So perfect it once again turned my thoughts to the autumn leaves and how the trees put all their toxins in the leaves and shed them to purify the tree. They stand dormant but stronger. Showing us the beauty of letting go. Patience in waiting for spring. The wonder of new growth and new life each spring.