Brand New

Renewing my site. Changing the purpose.

I began last year writing a book. I already had a photography business so I decided to combine the two into BZ Photos & Books.

My first book, “The Power in You. ” is available on Amazon and Westbow publishing. I am working on bookstores and libraries.

I am writing a second book that has not revealed it’s proper title to me at this time. It is amazing as it unfolds though. I am certain my readers will love it.

The Power in You is designed to help people overcome depression, anxiety, and addiction. The methods in the book are the methods I used. I know they work.

My current book is based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. This book is an in depth exploration of our connection to the trinity through love. A look at the peace that passes all understanding. This scripture gives us an in depth map of love you don’t want to miss.

I hope you enjoy every bit of beauty in the world. It is lovingly hand crafted.

Loving what you have

It’s a tough time we live in or are we looking at it all wrong. Entertain my thought for a moment.

Most of the time we are looking at the wrong end of the cow, horse, dog, cat, whatever. Honestly we spend too much time looking at closed doors and not looking for the open ones.

I suffered from depression for 26 years all because I looked at all the gloomy parts of life. If you always look at the rain you will never see the sunshine.

So please look for the gift in where you are today. Look for it’s beauty. Look for the sunshine. Life is truly a gift. Enjoy it. Live it.

If you are not working you have been given two gifts. Time with your family and time to create a new opportunity.

If you are working you have been given two gifts. The gift of a job that you can do your best at and excel each day and the opportunity to reach put to other as you are working. Maybe just a quick note or hello.

Grab your opportunities. Love your people with all your heart.

Big hugs to all of you out there.

Father’s Day Tribute

I am late on this one. Father’s never get enough credit. They seem to be like the silent partner of the family. Maybe because they work so hard for us.

So here you go dads. Thank you for being there. Teaching us to ride bikes fish, fly kites, run fast, change tires, mow lawns, rake, tend roses and gardens. Teaching us that person probably wasn’t worth our time if they didn’t like us. Teaching us right from wrong. Teaching us to respect our elders. Teaching us the value of a good days work.

Thank you for all the times you helped us pick ourselves up after a fall, Dust off and get back on that bike or horse. Letting us know to try again and never give up even if its hard.

Thank you for being there. Everytime we needed you. Sometimes with a push or just to be there. You have always been the rock in the family. Consistently guiding us along. We are grateful even if we don’t know how to show it or what to say or get you for Father’s day. We love you.

Covered Bridges

Brenda’s Adventures began on a covered bridge. My husband and I were out for a drive on a sunny afternoon and came across a covered bridge.  We were talking about the love/hate relationships of social media. I told him I originally started into social media so I could share all the wonderful things I see in the world with family and friends. That was when it hit me like a bolt of lightning. Why not share all this beauty with the world?

Larwood bridge

I love the rich local history of anywhere.   If there isn’t something posted I will look it up.  My husband and I are constantly googling something.
It’s funny.  Any of my history teachers will tell you I was a disinterested student.   I love history though.   I just want to see it.  Feel it.  It makes it more real and alive.  So here is some history on covered bridges.
There are 51 covered bridges left in Oregon. A Google search will give you directions to many of them. The historic society has done a beautiful job of maintaining and preserving these pieces of our history. If you have some time for a drive in the country you won’t be disappointed. You can still find some fresh vegetable stands and farmers markets in these areas too.

The productive years of the covered bridges were during 1905 to 1925. 600 covered bridges could be located in Oregon back then.

Covered bridges offered shelter from a storm.  If you got caught out in a storm you could go inside and close the doors until the worst part passed.

The first covered bridge built in America was built in 1804 by Theodore Burr. It lasted 105 years. It spanned across the Hudson river in Connecticut.

Pennsylvania has the most covered bridges. 213 bridges is an amazing number to have preserved. Bravo Pennsylvania. I must plan an adventure there.

I hope you will enjoy your own adventures.  I encourage you to share them.  To quote my uncle Gary “Life is a Gift”


Today we honor our moms. Really we should do it more often. Our mothers do so much for us and it doesn’t really seem to stop at any point in our life.

When we are small they feed us, change us, dress us and comfort us. They teach us how to do these things for ourselves. Then teach us more and more throughout our lives. They don’t stop just because we move out or have our own children.

Always there to guide and help whenever we ask and sometimes even if we don’t. I am so grateful for their wisdom.

If you have your mom still I hope you thank her. She did her best for you. She tried her hardest. Most people can’t come close to loving you like she does. So I hope you show her that love back. I hope you show it to her way more than just one day. When you’re done with that look at other people you are grateful for and appreciate them too.

Gratitude is a great feeling. It’s a hug we can share even when there is a virus.

Foster Lake

I love to go see the dams. Foster dam has 2 turbines which create 2MW of power. It regulates water flow on the Santiam River below Green Peter Dam..

Foster Dam was completed in August of 1968. It is located 4 miles northeast of Sweet Home, Oregon. It was started yo reduce flood risk in the valley as well as produce power.

Foster is home to the spotted owl, steelhead and cutthroat trout, Chinook Salmon, the wester pond turtle and a variety of amphibians.

Foster can hold 28,300 acres of water. During a normal summer you will see a lot of people skiing, fishing and enjoying the water in general. Lots of smiles and waves from passersby.

People are friendly here. If your boat breaks down. Someone will help you. Hopefully you will have much better luck than that. Be sure to check regulations. There will be fish and game around to be sure the waters aren’t over fished. Oregon protects its resources. That’s why we have them. That’s why it’s still pretty here.

If you get to Oregon visit any of it’s dams. Every one of them are fascinating. Look up the history if you can. I hope you enjoyed this adventure.

Don’t look back

Our world has changed. It’s true. Look up people.

It is easy to be sad when change comes along and knocks you off feet. Things are going great you are working for your favorite company with people you really like and you think you are going to be there until retirement. Then bam you get to go to a meeting and they tell you it’s your last day because the company has to cut back.

Yes no place is safe from this virus. It is hard everywhere. It’s ok.

All of us will be ok. Get up. Reinvent yourself if you must. Find a new you to be happy about. Find something new to do. Wear your mask. Heck decorate it. Have fun with it. Find new songs to sing that last 20 seconds for hand washing to amuse yourself.

We will prevail. Hold your head high. China got up and you will too. Italy is getting back on their feet and so will you. Stop moping about. Put that booboo lip back in before a bird poops on it. That one comes from grandma. I loved her very much.

Seriously America. Get up. Wake up. Wash your face. Do your chores and find a way. You are the most creative, inventive people in the world. To quote a past Nike “Just Do It “