Brand New

Renewing my site. Changing the purpose.

I began last year writing a book. I already had a photography business so I decided to combine the two into BZ Photos & Books.

My first book, “The Power in You. ” is available on Amazon and Westbow publishing. I am working on bookstores and libraries.

I am writing a second book that has not revealed it’s proper title to me at this time. It is amazing as it unfolds though. I am certain my readers will love it.

The Power in You is designed to help people overcome depression, anxiety, and addiction. The methods in the book are the methods I used. I know they work.

My current book is based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. This book is an in depth exploration of our connection to the trinity through love. A look at the peace that passes all understanding. This scripture gives us an in depth map of love you don’t want to miss.

I hope you enjoy every bit of beauty in the world. It is lovingly hand crafted.

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I am an adventurer and a lover of nature. I also love a good project.

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