Loving what you have

It’s a tough time we live in or are we looking at it all wrong. Entertain my thought for a moment.

Most of the time we are looking at the wrong end of the cow, horse, dog, cat, whatever. Honestly we spend too much time looking at closed doors and not looking for the open ones.

I suffered from depression for 26 years all because I looked at all the gloomy parts of life. If you always look at the rain you will never see the sunshine.

So please look for the gift in where you are today. Look for it’s beauty. Look for the sunshine. Life is truly a gift. Enjoy it. Live it.

If you are not working you have been given two gifts. Time with your family and time to create a new opportunity.

If you are working you have been given two gifts. The gift of a job that you can do your best at and excel each day and the opportunity to reach put to other as you are working. Maybe just a quick note or hello.

Grab your opportunities. Love your people with all your heart.

Big hugs to all of you out there.

Published by brendasadventures.com

I am an adventurer and a lover of nature. I also love a good project.

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