Father’s Day Tribute

I am late on this one. Father’s never get enough credit. They seem to be like the silent partner of the family. Maybe because they work so hard for us.

So here you go dads. Thank you for being there. Teaching us to ride bikes fish, fly kites, run fast, change tires, mow lawns, rake, tend roses and gardens. Teaching us that person probably wasn’t worth our time if they didn’t like us. Teaching us right from wrong. Teaching us to respect our elders. Teaching us the value of a good days work.

Thank you for all the times you helped us pick ourselves up after a fall, Dust off and get back on that bike or horse. Letting us know to try again and never give up even if its hard.

Thank you for being there. Everytime we needed you. Sometimes with a push or just to be there. You have always been the rock in the family. Consistently guiding us along. We are grateful even if we don’t know how to show it or what to say or get you for Father’s day. We love you.

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I am an adventurer and a lover of nature. I also love a good project.

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