Today we honor our moms. Really we should do it more often. Our mothers do so much for us and it doesn’t really seem to stop at any point in our life.

When we are small they feed us, change us, dress us and comfort us. They teach us how to do these things for ourselves. Then teach us more and more throughout our lives. They don’t stop just because we move out or have our own children.

Always there to guide and help whenever we ask and sometimes even if we don’t. I am so grateful for their wisdom.

If you have your mom still I hope you thank her. She did her best for you. She tried her hardest. Most people can’t come close to loving you like she does. So I hope you show her that love back. I hope you show it to her way more than just one day. When you’re done with that look at other people you are grateful for and appreciate them too.

Gratitude is a great feeling. It’s a hug we can share even when there is a virus.

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I am an adventurer and a lover of nature. I also love a good project.

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