Covered Bridges

Brenda’s Adventures began on a covered bridge. My husband and I were out for a drive on a sunny afternoon and came across a covered bridge.  We were talking about the love/hate relationships of social media. I told him I originally started into social media so I could share all the wonderful things I see in the world with family and friends. That was when it hit me like a bolt of lightning. Why not share all this beauty with the world?

Larwood bridge

I love the rich local history of anywhere.   If there isn’t something posted I will look it up.  My husband and I are constantly googling something.
It’s funny.  Any of my history teachers will tell you I was a disinterested student.   I love history though.   I just want to see it.  Feel it.  It makes it more real and alive.  So here is some history on covered bridges.
There are 51 covered bridges left in Oregon. A Google search will give you directions to many of them. The historic society has done a beautiful job of maintaining and preserving these pieces of our history. If you have some time for a drive in the country you won’t be disappointed. You can still find some fresh vegetable stands and farmers markets in these areas too.

The productive years of the covered bridges were during 1905 to 1925. 600 covered bridges could be located in Oregon back then.

Covered bridges offered shelter from a storm.  If you got caught out in a storm you could go inside and close the doors until the worst part passed.

The first covered bridge built in America was built in 1804 by Theodore Burr. It lasted 105 years. It spanned across the Hudson river in Connecticut.

Pennsylvania has the most covered bridges. 213 bridges is an amazing number to have preserved. Bravo Pennsylvania. I must plan an adventure there.

I hope you will enjoy your own adventures.  I encourage you to share them.  To quote my uncle Gary “Life is a Gift”

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