Don’t look back

Our world has changed. It’s true. Look up people.

It is easy to be sad when change comes along and knocks you off feet. Things are going great you are working for your favorite company with people you really like and you think you are going to be there until retirement. Then bam you get to go to a meeting and they tell you it’s your last day because the company has to cut back.

Yes no place is safe from this virus. It is hard everywhere. It’s ok.

All of us will be ok. Get up. Reinvent yourself if you must. Find a new you to be happy about. Find something new to do. Wear your mask. Heck decorate it. Have fun with it. Find new songs to sing that last 20 seconds for hand washing to amuse yourself.

We will prevail. Hold your head high. China got up and you will too. Italy is getting back on their feet and so will you. Stop moping about. Put that booboo lip back in before a bird poops on it. That one comes from grandma. I loved her very much.

Seriously America. Get up. Wake up. Wash your face. Do your chores and find a way. You are the most creative, inventive people in the world. To quote a past Nike “Just Do It “

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I am an adventurer and a lover of nature. I also love a good project.

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