Why choose a mythical bird for my personal resurrection story on Easter? Why not?

My life at one point was so financially a mess I thought I would never get out. I had a low paying job I didn’t like that wasn’t even 40 hours a week. I had a lot of debt and due to pushing too hard, not eating right, and generally not taking care of myself my appendix decided to have a hole in it. The surgery ended up costing 27,000 dollars. Including all the debt I already had I was looking at bankruptcy.

My husband had recently told me “we’re going to church.” At the time, I saw no reason to. I went for him, not for me. Our marriage eventually ended that’s another story of two people who couldn’t make things work.

So at church one Sunday I said ok God, if you’re real, I will devote my life to you if you can do something with the mess I have made of my life. I can’t do it anymore. I am a mess. He listened.

God, BELIEVE ME, is up to ANY challenge. Within 2 weeks I had a 2 dollar an hour increase in pay and 40 hours a week. Within 2 months I got another 1.50 getting into a trade school.

After my divorce I met a man that truly loves me for me not what I can give him.

Oh and the hospital dropped my bill by 75 percent making it payable. I will be debt free in 2 years.

Now for the even better stuff. God has been showing me my flaws. One by one. Gently. He points out to me where I can be better as a human being. What I can do to help others. How I can be whole and stay out of the messes I got myself into.

My life was in a dark hell at one point I was so sick I was laying on my couch with my eyes closed and I saw his light lifting me. I knew it was Jesus. He left a beacon in hell for sinners to find. So we can be resurrected from the ashes and darkness back to the light. Shining brightly again with a fire like the Phoenix.

If you need help there is no better place to turn.   No one loves you like He does.   He loved you first.   He loves you always.

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I am an adventurer and a lover of nature. I also love a good project.

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