It’s my job

There’s a Jimmy Buffett song with that title. It’s a catchy tune and I truly love the song and it’s premise. Basically it says they are paying me to do this so I must do my best. It is so much more. It is being happy while doing whatever that task is.

Oh sure, there are moments in my life when I struggle to keep a joyful countenance. Yesterday afternoon I was struggling to get anything right and desperately trying to force things to go my way in a job so unsuited for me it is like hitting my head against a tree every day. I stepped back, asked for help, again. Received great advice. Completed the task. A little frustration? My advice? Ask for help.

There are wonderful people in this world that will help you. Swallow that pride superman or woman and get the help you need. Besides you give someone else a chance to shine when you do that. Let someone else be a star to. You will be amazed at how good you feel building others up.

So ask for some help and get back to your smile. If you look around right now you see all kinds of people who said, “there’s a lot of sick people, what can I do to help ” I heard a newscaster say that his mom told him whenever he was scared to look for the helpers. No matter what crisis, you will find them, boots on the ground, sleeves rolled up, in those trenches …… it’s my job attitude.

I hope you smile while you work. Even the most unfulfilling position is worth doing your best. You are helping an organization. You are part of something bigger. Two of the most valuable people in a company in my opinion are the janitor and the receptionist. They present a company to others as much as a sales force. So smile where you are and work towards your goals.

You can be anything, do anything, and choose anything you want for yourself. Just believe. Make the decision to work in that direction and you will find a way.

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I am an adventurer and a lover of nature. I also love a good project.

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